Working experientially with awareness is an extraordinarily powerful, yet deeply respectful and non-violent approach. You will find session work to be collaborative and creative – even playful – and always highlighted by a great regard for a dynamic and authentic healing relationship.

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Types of Clients

  • Adult Seekers – including all sexual and spiritual orientations
  • Therapists and other Healing Facilitators – wanting to deepen in their own healing and explore experiential, body-centered applications
  • Survivors – of traumatic events and/or neglectful or abusive (sexual, physical, emotional) childhoods and adult relationships

Types of Issues

  • Trauma recovery and symptom management
  • Anxiety and stress management
  • Depression and chronic illness
  • Unhelpful habits of belief and behavior
  • Difficult emotions: anger, shame, fear, grief
  • Needs for celebration, ritual, closure and acknowledgement
  • Childhood experience, including pre- and peri-natal experience
  • Life transitions and decision making
  • Connection to self, world, spirit, creativity and sexuality

What to Expect from Session Work

  • Attentiveness to your sense of safety and the healthy functioning of your nervous system
  • Careful consideration of your physical health
  • A collaborative discovery process
  • Attention given to the resources, information and skills you need to feel more confident, embodied and connected
  • Transformational healing encounters with old patterns and beliefs